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Client Testimonial - Loretta Dunbar
Client Testimonial - Car Accident Case
Client Testimonial - Rene Armstrong
Client Testimonial - Bert Jessmon
“This whole team is amazing. They are trustworthy and treated my family like family. From start to finish I knew my case was in good hands due to their thorough communication and their dedication to our case. They made a tragic situation into a blessing, I will never forget the compassion and care that was given to me and my family. I am and will continue to recommend this team to my friends, family, and co-workers. You can truly tell that they love what they do and helping people is their priority. So, when in need please choose this team, you won't regret it.” Keonna Thompson-Perry
“I was very pleased with how Mr. Peak, Mr. McDaniel, & his wonderful staff handled the case from beginning to end. Their professionalism and passion for the case was outstanding! The communication and consistency was top of the line. I never had to call to ask for updates; it was always provided in a timely manner. I am grateful to have connected with very knowledgeable young men. Although the case is over, they still help me with whatever I need help with. This hard-working staff did so great that we ended up with a large settlement that will make a difference in my family’s life & others. They were definitely a God send in my life. I love them & would highly recommend them to anyone.” Shakayla Crump
“Brandon Peak is an exceptional attorney who not only exhibits professionalism and expertise in his cases but also shows compassion and kindness to his clients. We found ourselves in a situation in which the insurance adjuster for the person who had caused damage to our vehicle and, more importantly, to us physically, would not even consider giving us a fair settlement for our medical bills. We turned to Brandon for help. He took our case and guided us methodically and easily through the process. His paralegal, Heather Byrd, worked tirelessly to obtain documents and bills from the hospitals and other medical institutions. She also responded to our questions in a timely manner, no matter how mundane the question. Brandon, of course, was simultaneously working diligently to get the insurance adjuster to give us a reasonable settlement. Throughout the process, he gave us updates on the progress of the case as well as advice if asked. His expertise in this area is exceptional; the proof is in the extraordinary settlements he gets for his clients. We heartily recommend Brandon Peak because he definitely gets results for his clients!” Laurene Owens
“John and I are grateful for Brandon Peak and his dedication to service and detail. Brandon and his team worked tirelessly for over a year to make sure the damages by the responsible party were covered in the most professional and ethical manner. We highly recommend Brandon Peak as one of the most respectable attorneys in Columbus. In addition to their success in litigating cases this firm has an unwavering commitment to their community. Brooke Peak's vision with PWMC Cares to support healthcare workers and first responders in addition to small independent restaurants throughout the Covid pandemic is a testament to their dedication and support to everyone in this community. Not only did the doors to our restaurant stay open during this time due to the orders coming in from PWMC Cares, but we were also able to give back to those in our neighborhood who were suffering from food insecurity. I applaud Brooke and the firm for this innovative program that provided and is still providing nourishing meals to frontline workers while supporting local restaurants. We are blessed by PWMC's presence in our community!” Olivia Amos
“From the moment we met in the hospital to the final signing of all paperwork; and even after that they treated me like family. Always, kind caring and professional. They kept me informed and explained every step of the process. Always planned for the worst but always prepared. I could not have asked for a better group.” Michael Braun
“Brandon Peak represented me a few years ago when I was involved in a car accident. I was hit by another driver. Brandon & his paralegal Marci Martinez, did a wonderful job handing my case & my needs. They handled everything from the minute I hired them, until it was resolved. They treated me with kindness, respect & had so much compassion for me. They were there for me every time I called them. I highly recommend PWMC law firm to my family, friends, church members & work family. Brandon Peak is an excellent attorney & shows compassion & he is always there to help. Thank you Brandon Peak & Marci for everything. If I could give you 10 stars, I would!” Clare Willis, former client
“We met Chris McDaniel and Brandon Peak directly following a most horrific fatal crash that left two year old twin children without their dad, and the remaining family in shock. As we moved through the process , discussions we had were met with sincere and heart-felt direction from Mr. McDaniel, regardless of how many times we asked the same questions. We always had immediate response from Mr. McDaniel, day, or night, to address concerns and ease our minds. Thank you, for taking such diligent care with all of us through this tragedy. I recommend this group of professionals to anyone facing the same. Now considered part of the family, hats off to you and your team!” Deanne Hehmann, former client
“In my forty-four years of law teaching, I have had the pleasure of teaching a number of excellent students. Brandon Peak, Joseph Colwell, and Christopher McDaniel were some of the brightest, hardest-working students that I ever had the pleasure of teaching. In addition, they are exceptionally nice, compassionate individuals. This combination of intellectual ability, work ethic, and engaging personality makes them truly outstanding attorneys. They certainly are the type of attorneys that I would want representing me in any type of legal matter.” Professor Michael Sabbath, Mercer Law School
“In moments of crisis, you want to feel as if you and your loved ones are in trusted hands when seeking justice, and that’s exactly what my experience was with Peak Wooten McDaniel & Colwell. After my father and son were injured in a car accident, difficulties arose with the neglectful driver’s insurance company. Having never been in such a situation, I did not know where to start to ensure that my family members were supported – but from the beginning to the end Mr. Wooten and Mr. McDaniel continually offered support, kindness, thorough explanations and updates during the process. Not only were they able to assist my son, but after his case was settled, Mr. Wooten and Mr. McDaniel turned to my father to assist him as well. The kindness the firm showed throughout meant the world to me, and their patience with my father and willingness to answer my myriad questions is something for which I will always be grateful. During life’s scary moments you want to know that someone is looking out for your family’s best interests, and I can firmly say that Peak Wooten McDaniel & Colwell did just that.” Lona Panter, former client
“Going through a tragic loss is unbearable then add a lawsuit on top of it is just too much. The first thing Brandon told me was he was here for me and he would handle the heavy lifting, for me to worry my children and their grief. And That's Exactly what he did. Brandon and Marci went above and beyond and always made me feel like I was a top priority. They took on my case and treated me as if I were their family.” Tami Whitehead, former client
“Over the past 15 years I have worked on numerous cases with the attorneys and staff at Peak, Wooten, McDaniel & Colwell. Together we have obtained substantial and sometimes record recoveries for our mutual clients. I highly recommend PWMC and would never hesitate to contact them to assist my firm and clients on complex cases.” Matt Hennesy, Farrar, Hennesy, & Tanner, LLC
“I associated Brandon Peak and his team to help me bring justice to two boys whose father was killed in a terrible accident. This was a complex premises liability case involving multinational corporations. Brandon Peak was always three steps ahead of these defendants. When they say they are "exceptional trial lawyers," this is not just a slogan but it is a way of live.” Zack Hendon, The Hendon Law Firm
“I cannot speak from personal experience in regard to this firm's ability to practice law. One can read the rave reviews left by others that clearly demonstrate their excellence in that arena. However, I can attest to the overwhelming amount of time, money, and support this firm has dedicated to the healthcare workers of their community during the ongoing battle against COVID19. When the first waves of the pandemic washed over the country, it seemed as though everyone had a new-found appreciation for services provided and sacrifices made by healthcare workers. People banged pots and pans from their balconies; they parked in empty visitor parking lots with their lights flashing; they sent care packages and food by the truckloads. But, as the tide ebbed, so did the support, even though each wave was bigger than the last: EXCEPT in the case of PWMC. When everyone else faded into the new normal, PWMC continued to show up; they continued to check-in; they continued to offer tokens, both large and small, of their heartfelt appreciation for the ongoing work taking place within the walls of their local hospitals. And after two years, they've showed no sign of slowing down or backing off. If their dedication to their clients and their cases is anything like their dedication to their community, then one would be hard-pressed to find better representation. Thank you for all you do, PWMC.” Nathan Smock, ICU Charge Nurse
“I told Brandon (Peak) how impressed I was with their lawyer skills, tireless energy and commitment to truthfulness. They did what they said, and said what they did. A refreshing breath of air in this business where too many lawyers don’t hold themselves and their clients accountable for their words and deeds. Your team carries your passion and attitude. Your firm’s commitment to its clients is unmatched in my 39 years. It was a pleasure to watch Brandon & Company work together without quit. Also, a real pleasure to meet you. I wish you God’s speed and good fortune. If this little country lawyer from Tennessee can ever help you, call me.” Sam Rutherford - Kennerly, Montgomery & Finley PC
“Brandon Peak is intelligent, clever, and experienced in handling the most serious and complex litigation cases. Brandon clearly appreciates and deeply honors the responsibility to guide families after a serious injury or death. His moral compass ensures that he does right by families who have experienced catastrophic loss and put their trust in him to obtain the right result. The well-established Peak Wooten McDaniel & Colwell team has the expertise, resources and willingness to try complex cases, and they obtain the highest possible settlement value for their clients. Thank you!” Attorney Sarah Sillitto
“Brandon: I want to tell you and the staff how thankful I am for all your hard work and effort put into our bus wreck case. Personally, without you I do not think we would have had any settlement. I am most appreciative. Hope we meet again.” Ed McLelland, former client
“Excellent attorneys! I have known and worked with Joel, Brandon and Joseph for years. I consider them dear friends. Their new firm will work tirelessly for their clients, and they will demand the best result. They are passionate about helping the community outside of work through philanthropic and other initiatives. These gentlemen are also always happy to provide mentorship to fellow attorneys (young and old!). They are well respected near and far, and I highly recommend this Firm to anyone looking for top tier legal advice.” Lauren Dimitri, Attorney
“Unparalleled is defined as "having no parallel or equal; exceptional", the epitomy of this law firm and its members. Smart, dedicated, hard-working, accomplished, and compassionate. True lions of the trial bar and all-around great people. Non sibi sed aliis.” Carl Varnedoe, Carl R. Varnedoe LLC
“To Brandon, Marci, and all those who helped with our lawsuit! Thank you so much!
2 Thessalonians 2:13 But we are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God from the beginning chose you for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth,
A sincere thank you to all those who represented us in the time prior to the mediation, trial and during us in the time since the trial. We are sure that many hours were spent working on our case(s). I will always remember each of you and thank God for what you accomplished for us. God Bless all of you!”
Beverly Wright, former client
“Please note that this law firm truly loves their community. I am the Clinical Manager over the COVID unit at Piedmont Midtown and I have seen it first hand. Brooke Peak, the Marketing Director for. PWMC has embraced the Healthcare community with love and support. She has rallied around us all during this pandemic and offered food, words of encouragement and has made some of our worse days tolerable. All of the Healthcare workers who have given their all without asking for anything in return feels her warmth and compassion every time she coordinates another thoughtful delivery or encouraging signs.. Thank you Brooke for all you’ve done and what you continue to do. You are truly appreciated for the support. ” Heather Dryman, Clinical Manager
“I would highly recommend this law firm. I have had the pleasure of meeting each team member of PWMC & getting to know some of their families through their hands-on community service work. They have volunteered-time after-time at the school where I work, Truth Spring Academy. They have showered our students with love & support over the past several years. I have so much respect for them, not only as renowned trial lawyers but as community members who give back to so many!” Jackie Summerville
“I'm a sole practitioner in Marietta. There are times when it just makes sense for a sole practitioner to associate another firm in handling certain types of cases. I brought in Brandon Peak and his firm, to help me on complex cases before. The assistance that they've given me in those cases has been invaluable. They research and brief any troublesome issues before the issue even came up. They treated my client and the court with respect. They were exhaustive in the discovery process and the preparation that went into the case. And, when you're suing a multi-national corporation, unfortunately, hiding evidence just becomes part of the litigation process. This firm does not give up on these discovery disputes. And finally, their trial results are outstanding and unmatched.” Zack Hendon, The Hendon Law Firm
“I would highly recommend Peak Wooten McDaniel & Colwell. They are knowledgeable, attentive, and timely. They have a strong record of success.” Ashley Pezold
“Thank you so very much for all your hard work & dedication in helping us resolve this not-so-pleasant situation. We did receive the check this afternoon, & are so relieved this matter is finally over. Brandon is a top shelf guy, & we were very fortunate that he came forward & responded to our son's request for the best legal counsel available. He definitely went above & beyond in looking out for Donna's best interest, & I hope he knows that we are so grateful for all that he has done on our behalf.” Gary Nelson, former client
“Joel is great and so is Brandon. I worked with both of them and they were awesome. I always had access to them. If not them, their admin would call me back immediately. They were extremely efficient and I would highly recommend them. ” Barbara Sanders, former client
“I had a difficult car wreck just weeks after my husband had passed away. Chris McDaniel handled my case and took a burden off of me. He was professional and thorough, getting me a great settlement. I highly recommend him and this firm.” Anne German, former client
“They take everything to heart. They really do work very well with you, and whatever your decisions are, they stand by them. They're just a great firm and I would recommend them to anybody.” Bert Jessmon, former client
“They did a wonderful job handling my case & I would highly recommend them to others. I was treated with compassion and respect and was extremely pleased with everyone I worked with at the firm.” Sarah Sluder, former client
“My firm has had the privilege of working as referring co-counsel on several cases with this firm. Whether the case was a wrongful death or products liability claim, our clients have always been extremely satisfied with the level of expertise and professionalism that they bring to the table. In addition to the great attorneys in the firm, their support staff is top notch and they have always worked seamlessly with the staff in my firm. They carry with them a national reputation that brings top dollar to your case whether it be in the courtroom or at the mediation table.” Matt Hennesy, Farrar, Hennesy & Tanner LLC.

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